Hemp and marijuana are not the same

Hemp and marijuana

June Pure is only selling Hemp products. It is important to distinguish this from Marijuana. Let’s therefore give some clarity of the different names, who might have given confusion before…

Marijuana is Cannabis

When we talk about Cannabis, some people talk about Marijuana, but Marijuana is not the original name for this amazing plant; Cannabis it its actual name. Cannabis is the genus that contains the three psychoactive plants we love so well: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and their stubby cousin Cannabis Ruderalis.

Likely the term ‘Marijuana’ was introduced by Mexican migrant workers when they came to the USA.
Marijuana is now one of the most universally recognized and used names for Cannabis in the English-speaking world.

Cannabis family

When we talk about the difference of Hemp vs Marijuana, we are talking about two species of the Cannabis (plant) family: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica

Hemp = Cannabis Sativa

Marijuana = Cannabis Indica / Cannabis Sativa

The main difference between those two plans is in its chemical composition

The chemical composition of Hemp is different from Marijuana

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most well-known compound in Cannabis. THC is known for its legendary power of producing euphoric sensations (getting high) after heating the raw product.

On average contains a batch of the Marijuana plant about 5 to 20% THC. It is cultivated for use as a recreational drug and as well as for medicinal purposes in some parts of the world.

As where Hemp has a maximum THC level of 0,2%. Therefore you will not experience any psychoactive effect after consumption of hemp products.

Hemp has on the other hand a high rate of CBD (cannabidiol) used for cosmetics and food supplements.  CBD oil is the substance to offer all manner of miraculous health benefits.

Different parts of the plant are used for different uses

From the hemp plant the seeds can be eaten or pressed for hemp seed oil to use in food and cosmetics. The stems are a source of fiber used in building materials and clothing. CBD is taken mainly from the flowers.

The Marijuana plant (especially Cannabis Indica) is mainly cultivated for its flowers, who have an abundance of cannabinoids. The THC content of Marijuana is much higher than it is in hemp (5 to 20% vs. <0,2% in Hemp)

CBD can also be taken from the flowers of the Marijuana plant, but as this plant contents a much higher THC level, the level of THC in the CBD oil from the Marijuana plant risk to be much higher as well. Keep in mind that CBD with THC levels higher than 0,2% (maximum allowed in most European countries, as where the limit in the Netherlands is 0,05%) is forbidden by law, it is important to use only CBD from the Hemp plant only!

Cultivated outdoor vs. indoor

Hemp plants are hardy, adapting to and thriving in almost any climate on the planet. Unlike most crops, rather than depleting the earth, hemp actually helps to prepare the soil for the following year’s harvest (crop rotation).

Hemp plants grows outside closely together on large fields. Therefore, we see already lots of hemp production everywhere in Europe.

While Marijuana requires a carefully controlled, humid and warm atmosphere. Industrial Marijuana is therefore cultivated indoor and or in the southern countries.

Hemp and Marijuana cannot be cultivated together. It will affect Marijuana’s psycho-activity.

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